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Women’s Groups
This is a safe arena for exploring individual and collective women’s issues through movement explorations and expression, vocalizing, moving, and speaking our stories.
Julie Oak has been facilitating and developing processes for these women’s groups for over 15 years. The many forms she draws upon include Continuum, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Hakomi, Process Work, and E’moceans and Sensations.
Since November 2013, Julie has been leading a women’s group on Tuesdays 1:30-3:45 in Santa Cruz.
For info about joining please call (831) 477-0407 or email contactjulie@julieoak.com
Julie is also available for to facilitate events for your private group.

Member’s describing:
The fun and magic of truthful mind/body communication
Invention exploration creativity body wisdom
Delight, discovery, falling in love with the Our Selves
Playful laughter, bubbling exploration unfolding healing 
Being in the now being in the not knowing acceptance 
Moving the inner me 
Being an animal stepping out of the cerebral 
Allowing the primal body to speak/express
Sharing our whole selves
Tapping creativity relaxing, trust 
Letting go of inhibitions
Meandering mindfully into the unknown 
Expressing the unexpressed
Processing without words
Community Contact Sisterhood Sensual wrestling
Cacophony of sound/ Harmony of sound
Voyage into our inner landscapes